Hope and Change, WCV-Style

Alright, kids, since we gave up on Obama delivering the "hope and change" long ago and have since taken things into our own hands, I feel it appropriate to point out a very important change around here.

After months of nagging, WCV finally switched this site from a Blogspot domain to www.wcvarones.com - this pleases the Google overlords in SEO-terms and because the medium is the message, it's critical to appease the Whore of Google to get as many pairs of eyes as we can on the important information WCV and Co. bring you day after day.

That being said, if you have WC Varones in your blogroll, please help out by changing the link to the new WCVarones.com address.

There's nothing better to do at the moment (still waiting for financial doomsday doodooDOO...) than:
Talk smack about the Dirty Fed
and play on the Internet

It's useful playing, trust me. Congratulate WCV for finally getting a piece of the hot .com action, even if he's a decade late.

WCV's Resident SEOtard, JDA

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Nailed it

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