Chris Christie goes to Iowa.

Christie has indicated that he's not likely to run in 2012, but the Republican Party needs him. Palin is unelectable, Romney is too close to Wall Street, Huckabee is a nut. Christie is just a plain-talking, no-nonsense fiscal conservative who can attract independents and secular moderates. He'd win in a Reaganesque landslide.


Shane Atwell said...

Completely agree. Christie has something none of the others do: self-esteem. Add Massachusetts own version of Obamacare (Romneycare) to Romney's list of sins.

Anonymous said...

Christie isn't pro-RKBA.

This Tea Partier, and I'd imagine millions like me, would never put their support behind someone who is anti-gun.

As fabulous as he is in every other respect, not going to happen.

wcv said...

Christie took a cheap campaign shot in a primary on "assault weapons" in an anti-gun state. Has he done anything against gun ownership as governor?

If he runs nationally, he will be 100% pro-gun by then. Even Dems are backing away from banning guns now. A politician would be crazy to run against the 2nd Amendment nationally.

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