RINO obsession

Over at Liberator Today, B-Daddy disagrees with a couple of my candidate picks in the governor and lieutenant governor picks.

Fair point, and most of my libertarian, conservative, and Tea Party friends would probably agree with B-Daddy at least against Gavin Newsom if not also for Meg Whitman.

The difference is that I'm angrier about liars (Abel Maldonado) and liberals (Maldonado, Whitman) on the Republican side. A vote for Newsom hurts Maldonado more than a third-party vote does. And though B-Daddy points out that state employee unions are against Whitman, I don't think that says much about Whitman. The unions are always against the Republican, no matter who it is. I honestly believe Whitman would be another Schwarzenegger, bending over for Democrat legislators. She is neither principled nor conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Newsom will never take it, he's too shiny San Francisco and they don't like that down south. San Franciscans - TRUE San Franciscans who could actually show some muscle at the polls and make somewhat coherent decisions, keeping in mind they are libtards of course - might have a shot helping him but he can't possibly translate down south.

Besides, turnout is going to be so awful for this one that any one group of dishonest asshats could take any one of these elections in Nov. Newsom, coming from crooked ass San Francisco, has a HUGE number of said dishonest asshats at his disposal. He doesn't need extra votes.

Personally I don't care and hope he does become Lt. Gov, San Francisco needs a break. Though Gavin is more crooked than Lombard St he HAS made a noticeable difference in this town. I will take bloated govt employee pensions and constantly being harassed by the Parking Gestapo over stepping on human excrement every block ANY day. He did that.

Oh wait, I'm leaving, I don't have to take any of it any more.

I will be in equal parts of disbelief should either Whitman or Brown win at this point.

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