Seattle Imitates US Government

Now it's become an old saying; you don't issue debt to solve your deficit spending crisis. Seattle is doing just that, metaphorically, by curing alcoholism with alcohol. Brilliant!
The government-subsidized housing project in Seattle caters exclusively to 75 hard-core alcoholics who came from the streets and are allowed to keep drinking, snub treatment and still keep a roof over their heads.
But seriously the amenities are extrodinary:
Upstairs are 49 traditional studios with small kitchenettes and private bathrooms. The stoves have automatic shut-off timers in case a resident passes out. The bathroom floor and the kitchen sink have overflow drains to prevent floods if the faucet is left on or the toilet overflows. Every apartment has a two-way intercom, allowing front desk staffers to make announcements to the group or individuals. The system also allows staff to listen in on the residents, although administrators say there's neither the time nor inclination to do that.
The article does not state where one can apply for the program, but we are definitely looking into it.


da fuz said...

Thoze amediteez shur our extrodinery lolz

speling is for pusies

Negocios Loucos said...

I'm my 3rd 5th buddy, give me a break....

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

"Street alcoholics "will accept housing at a price they're willing to pay - and that's not having too many restrictions on their autonomy," said Daniel Malone, housing director at Downtown Emergency Service Center, the nonprofit homeless services agency that operates 1811 Eastlake."


Morons. San Francisco should take all our empty housing projects, er, condos and just give them away to the heroin-shooting freaks that prowl the streets. Let them do all the dope they want.

But, uh, since I technically paid for their apartments as a taxpayer I too want to be able to do whatever *I* want in their apartments too, like dump off my garbage, use the restroom (on their bed... hey, they use it on my curb, just returning the courtesy), etc etc.

The left coast needs to hurry up and fall into the ocean already.

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.