A Pre 2010 Election Open Letter to all Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Conservatives alike:

A good way to get someone with different political views than yours to think more openly about the more serious political problems we have right now, and to more deeply understand their own frustrations with the way our two parties have been governing, might be to say something like this:

Look, most people are frustrated right now with both parties. There was a time when you and I would likely say we are "with" one party or another. And you may still agree with what you think your party stood for at that time. But given everything that the U.S. has been through over the last few years (real unemployment floating between 17-19%, $60 Trillion in debt and obligations [for perspective, it takes $3-4 Trillion to run the entire Federal Government for a single year], a long recession, bailouts, TARP, A corruption-filled "Stimulus" bill, see list below for more), if now is not the time to completely reset your political views, start from scratch, and reconsider everything you thought you "understood" about the 2 parties, and about your own politics, then there will never be such a time for that.

Now is the time to dig deep, to read a ton, to look and learn, to be open to realizing you may have "been wrong" about this or that, to challenge your own existing beliefs, to not trust a single thing any politician or media figure says but to instead look at the data, look at how the politicians voted, look at who and what interests they are aligned with, and try to really understand the larger system; how it robs us every single day without us even knowing it (the U.S. dollar has lost over 95% of its value since the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, for instance). Then question how it was even allowed to get like this, and what the politicians were saying as they were "creating" this current system and as these conditions were starting to develop into the horror we see today (again, $60 Trillion in Debt and Obligations, the mighty U.S. as a now functionally bankrupt nation, TARP, Unemployment, Stimulus, etc). Now is the time to reconsider your blind allegiance to one party or the other, if that's the form your allegiance had taken before today.

The first thing to do is to figure out if you are "blind" about it all. The second thing to do is remove all "social" issues/factors/concerns from your political beliefs, so that you can first gain a clearer understanding of how this ongoing robbery by our government is affecting you, your life, your family, and even your social stances indirectly (the "social" issue of Immigration, for instance, is directly affected by the massive, large-scale theft our Gvt has been engaged in for decades, because that theft has helped create the manufacturing and trade deficits and labor market conditions that attract so many illegals to our nation in the first place). I would even dare say that neither most liberals nor true conservatives even want the government getting much involved in social issues anyway. So forget them for now. You can later "reinstall" your social concerns if you want. But, the social issues are the parties' main tools of distraction. They hypnotize us with their stances and arguments on them. They trick us into thinking these things are what they are concerned with, when really they are only concerned with how they can more quickly, more easily, and more severely rob you of your money and give it to their cronies, interests, and donors. Heck, they're even stealing money from your yet-to-be-born children now. They do that with the hand we don't see while they dazzle and confuse us with their visible hand waving an attention-getting social-slogan flag. So set aside your "social" concerns for now. After you've taken a hard look at the rest of it all, you're probably not going to see them as very important politically anymore.

Many people are now seeing the two parties differently after they've done some simple research. It's an exciting time because of that, and you could be a part of it. Perhaps you could pick a political or financial topic or issue outside of the normal, narrow, and shallow range of hyped up topics the media regularly presents, and just start digging into it. Some people have been "awoken" to a new view of the two parties by simply looking into the basics regarding Free-Market economics vs. Keynesian economics. Which one has a fairly good record when implemented? Which does not? Some have found it eye-opening to have looked into the basics about currency, for instance. One topic I have found incredibly enlightening is the history of the U.S.'s currency, and how it has alternated multiple times between being a debt-based currency controlled by a privately owned bank (like the Federal Reserve) and being a gold or silver-backed currency controlled by the U.S. government itself (Lincoln's "Greenbacks"). How did those alternations of currency types parallel our other major historical events? Well, I'm glad you're interested, because there are reasonable and provocative arguments to be made that even some of the reasons why the U.S. got involved in certain wars had to do with currency interests and changes. To me, that is fascinating.

Those kinds of topics (money and who controls it) are generally at the root of everything, especially our political problems. If you ask yourself why the U.S. has racked up so much debt over the last many decades, and you understand currency, you might quickly follow that question with these other simple questions; Does racking up more national debt benefit the citizens? Or does racking up more national debt benefit the privately owned bank (The Federal Reserve) that gives the U.S. government those newly printed dollars in exchange for interest-paying government debt? Is printing 1 Trillion brand new dollars in order to "pay for" a massive "Stimulus" bill more beneficial to the citizens, who's every earned and saved dollar drops in real value as every newly printed dollar rolls off the press? Or is it more beneficial to the banks that now have those extra new debt payments coming in? Now, one more non-partisan question comes to mind; Did the Constitution lay out who controls our currency? Yes. It specifically says only Congress shall do that. Yet Congress basically decided to take the easy way out, and removed that centrally important duty from their own hands by subcontracting that responsibility to a privately owned bank in 1913. They deliberately named it the Federal Reserve Bank so that it would sound like a government agency and the uninformed citizens would be ok with it. From 1913 on, it could even more safely be stated that the Banks indeed "owned" Congress.

Back in the day, before I had learned any of this, I was more likely to care about what gaffe politician X said on one of the Late Night Talk Shows, or what past scandal about politician Y had just been uncovered. But that stuff doesn't matter, because once (or before) they get into office, they all connect themselves with the power brokers and controlling interests that steer our national financial and political decisions always and ever towards their own benefit and away from the citizens' benefit. Now, those are the kinds of deeper questions a simple, basic understanding of the Federal Reserve and currency might cause to spring up in one's mind. That's one topic that got me looking deeper into that history I found so interesting. But you might be more interested in looking into some other finance-related issue that might help you understand the two parties better. Do you believe the media when it says inflation is not a problem? Wanna see inflation? Go check your grocery store and you'll see that there's often now significantly less food in the same sized packages than there was a year ago. That's hidden inflation. You pay the same price for less food. Or check out the quickly rising prices for grain. Whatever form your newly-found financial-political curiosity takes, taking a step back from social concerns in order to objectively look into some of the basics about our financial-political power structures will do wonders for your political outlook. For instance, if you think corporations are evil and government is the only hope we have against them, then after you take a deeper look into these things, you might come away understanding that, in a way, the big evil corporations and banks are our government. They own both parties. And sometimes the big corporations and banks themselves even write the text of the actual bills Congress votes on.

Now, let's all go to work on this, my liberal (or conservative) friend. We may reach different conclusions and have different stances. But don't be fooled by any of our politicians. Our government has fundamentally separated itself from its Constitutionally mandated restraints. Our politicians love that fact not because it allows them use of more tools and resources with which they can then "help the poor" or "provide more services to everybody", but because it gives them more power, more money, and more control. And with that power and control, they are ROBBING US BLIND EVERY SINGLE DAY. Are you interested in stopping that?

-Sic Ibid

List of frustrations with the Federal government (continued):

the printing of Trillions of new dollars • The Fed gvt Protecting Banks from their own bad investment decisions at the expense of taxpayers • Fed gvt seizing 95% of all mortgages • Fed gvt controlling GM • Rogue Judges who prefer to look at foreign nations' laws for legal precedents • Congress and the President Forcing a massive Health Care bill on the people when over 70% of them don't want it • Federal Gvt partnering up / cozying up with huge media companies [NBC's CEO Immelt is on the President's Economic Advisory Board] • self-described "Communists" installed as White House "Czars" (Van Jones was just 1 example of this) • Cities disobeying Federal immigration laws blatantly and proudly • violent lawlessness, kidnappings and chaos caused by Drug Cartels in our border states not being successfully stopped by our own Federal Gvt • Fed gvt giving itself the power to regulate a gas that human beings naturally exhale [CO2] • Fed gvt seizing an interest in / share of some of our largest banks • higher taxes • And a gvt that keeps fraudulent and fundamentally misleading statistics, like an inflation index that doesn't count the price of everyday staples like food and gas, and an "unemployment" index that doesn't count people who've reached the end of their unemployment checks but still haven't found work, and then uses those fraudulent figures to hype up and celebrate its "accomplishments" • The list could go on...

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