Quote of the Day

This from Jon Stewart regarding Obama's veto of HR3808, clip here.
"You know it's crazy when getting us back to square one feels like a victory."
I wouldn't have at all minded if Stewart had mentioned that the Republican written bill was passed by the majority Democrat Senate in secret, but that's asking a bit much, and I guess I should just be happy he's not outright blaming the Republicans. He's so obviously biased but at least he's covering these issues critically and he does provide a laugh.

Besides that, HR3808 deserves a long discussion regarding states' rights and that oh-so-out-of-vogue concept of THE LAW, but that has to wait. I'm just glad the ruling class mandated that junior employee Barrack veto it, giving the Constitution a stay of execution. After the election expect the bill to be back and Barrack to joyfully sign it. He'll probably have a press conference and state "This is a triumph for the American people. This is the day that Main Street tells Wall Street - 'WE done had enough!'"....to rapturous applause.

UPDATE: Denninger is referencing a rumor that apparently the Senate hasn't adjourned and HR3808 will become law without a Presidential signature or a vote count of the Senators and Representatives that voted for it.

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