All I want for Election Night

Voter guides are here (candidates) and here (propositions). I'm not holding out a lot of hope for some of the propositions because the campaigns have been so deceptive. But if 23 loses, it will be really bad for California economically. If 27 wins, it will be open season for gerrymandering again. And if 25 wins, it will be open season for Democrats to pass one-party, reckless budgets that will require huge future tax increases.

I'm emotionally more fired up about the candidates than the propositions this year. Rand Paul has the potential to be the greatest Senator -- as fiscally conservative as Coburn and DeMint, but socially libertarian and against the Dirty Fed too! He's about as close to my dream candidate as they come. That looks like a safe race. Marco Rubio in Florida could be the next Ronald Reagan. Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania is another good guy, and we should win that one.

We don't have a Rand Paul or Marco Rubio or Pat Toomey in most races, and I'm left rooting against someone rather than for someone. Establishment porkmeister Lisa Mikulski needs to lose in Alaska (though we may not know the outcome there for days or weeks). Harry Reid needs to lose in Nevada. Nancy Pelosi needs to lose her speakership. It would be nice to see Assault Congressman Bob Etheridge lose in North Carolina. And I would love to see Congressman Phil "I don't worry about the Constitution" Hare lose.

In California, backroom-dealing, tax-hiking Republicans Abel Maldonado and Mike Villines need to lose their races for Lt. Governor and Insurance Commissioner. And I will take pleasure in seeing weaselly, Schwarzeneggeresque flip-flopper Meg Whitman lose soundly after blowing more than $100 million to buy the governorship. It would be great to see Ma'am Boxer lose her seat, but that's looking tough.

My predictions for House and Senate seats are +62 and +7. I'd be very happy with those numbers, though there may be some upside if we get lucky.

Here's a great hour-by-hour election guide to Congress by Nate Silver of the NY Times.

Finally, if Christine O'Donnell somehow manages to win, I pray she walks on stage to this song at her victory party:

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Anonymous said...

Take two lumps of coal for the BS on this blog.

Negocios Loucos said...

That would a brilliant victory song!

Mutnodjmet said...

Great post. I have been live-blogging today. Here is some news HOT off the presses - I am told that one Democratic strategist, helping a television network with Election Night analysis, just declared that the Democrats were experiencing something on par with mass murder. The GOP counterpart looked at the same numbers and concluded the Democrats are, so far, not getting the urban turnout they need; suburban and rural areas are seeing big turnouts.

I will check back with you tonight. I hope you get your wishes!

SarahB said...

I'm not super hopeful on the propositions either. Frustrated I couldn't do more. But thrilled with the spirit I'm seeing all over Cali today. Like usual, we Golden Staters will probably have to enjoy the victories of others. Nick is our big hope tonight

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