Obama Administration was warned that nudie-scanners are dangerous

Please read this before you subject yourself or your loved ones to invasive scans that could cause cancer. Obama's science czar John Holdren (who, by the way, advocated forced abortions and mass sterilization) apparently ignored warnings from radiation and cancer experts. The Administration was getting big donations from nudie-scan vendors, you see.

The best option is to not fly, and to write to your airlines telling them why. If you must fly, opt for the handjob.


Negocios Loucos said...

You know I was in a car accident a good while ago and I had literally hundreds of x-rays and spent 4 months in the hospital and a year learning to walk again after that. The docs specifically told me that for the rest of my life only get x-rays when absolutely necessary. Travel isn't absolutely necessary.

They ain't taking a radiation nudie picture of me and they ain't touching my junk. I guess I'm just going to be driving from now on. That or drive to Canada first when I need to go international.

SarahB said...

I knew this other shoe would fall at some point. Dirtbags.

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