Audit the Fed? Sure. But Let's Audit the Parties, Too!

If we ever get to see an audit of the Federal Reserve, we will certainly be forced to reconfigure our entire basic understanding of how our country works. Auditing the Federal Reserve is a great idea. I hope the Bill to do so comes up again for a vote and passes.

But just as a "thought experiment", what if we were able to somehow see a full audit of both our major political parties? I'd like to see beyond what the parties are legally required to release. Those donor lists they release are probably scrubbed pretty clean by the time we see them. Therefore, more extensively auditing the Democrat Party and the Republican Party would reveal so much, it would likely force most Americans to fundamentally and completely re-evaluate their own understanding of how our political system works.

Let's just see, for instance, what foreign money really is being contributed to whom. Let's see some of their internal memos. Let's see who in the media has a financial relationship with what party. I could go on. It would be disgusting and fascinating, wouldn't it? It's a pipe dream, obviously. The fox that guards the hen house doesn't often hire an outside objective entity to investigate how the fox's work is helping the hens.

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