Malaysian hacker breaks into "ultra-secure" Dirty Fed computers

Well, that will inspire confidence.
Lin Mun Poo was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport last month as he traveled to New York for a meeting with other hackers and to allegedly exploit some of the stolen information he had obtained, investigators said.

Officials are still looking into how he allegedly hacked his way into well-guarded computer systems at the Federal Reserve and numerous major financial institutions. Poo allegedly traded and profited on information he stole from some of the institutions.

And we trust these buffoons to centrally plan our economy?

I wonder if Lin Mun Poo got the Board minutes before even Goldman Sachs.


Independent Accountant said...

This surprises me. I always thought if someone hacked Fedwire, we would NEVER hear about it. Think about why. What REALLY happened here?
The IRS claims 550 million returns were e-filed in the last few years and its system has never been compromised. Really?


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Sure it wasn't WSJ reporter Jon Hilsenrath?

The Lazy Paperboy said...

Hilsenrath? He can't keep a secret. He even wanks in public.

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