Popular revolt against the TSA-Industrial Complex

Last week I went through one of the new Rapescan full frontal nudity airport scanners in San Diego. I should have refused, but I was kind of caught off-guard. The procedure was far more degrading than I ever could have imagined. You literally have to stand with your legs spread and your hands over your head like a criminal, while the machine takes a fully nude photo which it sends to some TSA guy sitting in the corner.

The process seemed designed to get people accustomed to complete submission to whatever the government demanded. If we don't take a stand here, we'll never stand up for anything.

And it turns out the maker of the Rapescan machines lavished hundreds of thousands of dollars on Congress and both the Bush and Obama Administrations to get their dehumanizing perv machines purchased and installed.

Fortunately, a huge backlash is already starting. John Tyner refused the peep-or-grope demand and started a blog sensation that has spread to talk radio and mainstream print and TV news.

Many, including Instapundit and The Atlantic, are calling for a National Opt-Out Day on the busy Wednesday November 24th, the day before Thanksgiving, but I say every day is TSA Opt-Out Day! You think Rosa Parks would have put up with this shiite?

We are all John Tyner! Just say No!


Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass I suggest you just don't fly anymore or maybe you can explain why the next terrorist blows up a plane to the victim famalies.

W.C. Varones said...

Spoken like a true TSA employee.

Anonymous said...

You do realize flying is not a right it is a privilege. Sorry to burst your bubble I don't work for TSA. I have nothing against those guys just trying to do their job. Oh and your still a dumbass.

zeke said...

Anon #2/#4: you'd make a great Nazi. By the way, learn to spell.

Anonymous said...

Ah my favorite. The losers that come onto the Internet to spell check others. You make my day. Nazi. Hahaha good one yeah. I should look into that. Got any links my spell checking friend.

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh, a tough-guy badass commenter! i *love* those guys! you're from noo yawk, right, mr. TSA-ass-kisser anon? or maybe joizey?

hey, here's a coupla quick questions for you while you think up your next defense of being groped by a pinhead with a "badge" and a little authority...(hmmm....are you a cop?)(i'll betcha just LOVE the picture drudge had up featuring a brave TSA warrior frisking a...wait for it...a NUN. "you go ahead, abdul! never mind the metal detectors! we gotta check out this suspicious bride of christ!")

"how many armed terrorists have been caught using the new, enhanced, 'x-ray or sexual assault' techniques' you're defending so eloquently?" i'll save you the trouble of googling it: that would be "none". also, why didn't homeland defense secretary napolitano want to go through the harmless little x-ray device when she was defending them to reporters recently? (let's give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the reason isn't 'because she's a hermaphrodite'). why was that, do ya suppose? why did the TSA lie to the public and say, "we won't store the images" when it's been proven they ARE??

lastly, israel's el-al airlines are & have been asswipe terrorists target number 1 for DECADES, now. they've never had a terrorist takeover of one of their planes. and they DON'T use these wonderful 'irradiate or grope' techniques you seem to love so much. so how do they manage to stay terrorist-free, yo? hmmm? how they do that?

wcv said...

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

- Benjamin Franklin

Shane Atwell said...

"You do realize flying is not a right it is a privilege."

You're wrong. We fly, by voluntarily contracting with airline companies. That freedom to contract is a right, not a privilege. Absent evidence of a threat to someones life or property, only yourself and the airline company (and airport) have a right to specify conditions for flying. The TSA's very existence is a violation of our freedoms. The sexual assault is just the latest absurd consequence of that basic immorality.
Airports and airlines should be entirely in control of security and how to manage it and we'd patronize the ones that give us the best service.

Negocios Loucos said...

Should we be renaming the TSA the Ministry of Protection? We were always at war with East Asia.

Anon #2 and #4, that's a reference to a book called 1984. You should pick it up and have someone read it to you.

The Political Palaver said...

Shane said it just right. The idea that we should accept government harassment because they allow us the "privelege" to fly is tired and idiotic.

Flying is not a right or a privilege. It's a business transaction. A service provided that consumers enjoy (used to enjoy, anyway).

As Shane mentioned, the airlines, being in the business of air travel, know far better than a lawyer in Washington how to make the skies safe. And they have a vested interest in doing so, because if they don't provide safe, comfortable travel and people decide to stop flying for any reason, they lose their livelihood.

Inversely, if people decide to stop flying because they don't want to have their naked forms ogled or to be felt up, Napolitano can just shrug her shoulders, say "my bad," and still have her job. Government lacks the necessary accountability and know-how to make air travel safer. So they need to get the hell out of the way.

While some security measures are necessary, it's ridiculous to assume that the government has the right to appoint officials to grab my junk under the guise of making me safer.

Fear makes people crazy I guess. And as we've seen time and time again in history, it sometimes makes us crazy enough to think that if we give the government control over our lives it will make us "safer."

Negocios Loucos said...

A child getting felt up by the TSA.

I just can't believe this is acceptable. I just can't believe this is the United States of America. And I can't believe this reporter! He's almost apologetic towards the TSA.

I'll tell you something, the pervs at the TSA will NEVER EVER TOUCH MY CHILDREN! I'd rather not fly, f'em.

Anonymous said...

Good for you man.


Lefty McLefty

Anonymous said...

Boys, boys (and girls) - don't get mad. Get a giant strapon (the biggest one you can find) prior to heading out to TSA land and get even. If you really want to freak them out, get a big strapon positioned just above the "Real McCoy" and then they'll think you're some kind of freak of nature. Who knows, you might get a few phone numbers too.

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