Abortion Babies Killing Social Security

Rick Santorum exemplifies much that is wrong with the Republican party including a lack of math skills, reality perception skills and legislative understanding. To wit we have this from the short bus rider:
In his latest trip to New Hampshire, Republican Rick Santorum says the Social Security system would be in much better shape if there were fewer abortions.
He says the system has design flaws, but the reason it is in big trouble is that there aren't enough workers to support retirees. He blamed that on what he called the nation's abortion culture. He says that culture, coupled with policies that do not support families, deny America what it needs - more people.
As I asked questions of Obama in my previous post I will stay consistent:
  1. Ricky, what's the unemployment rate right now? 9.8% based on BLS lies/>20% based on say Shadowstats right. Now lets say X number of babies hadn't been aborted 20+ years ago. Would that unemployment rate increase or decrease? I realize logic isn't your strong suit so please ask a staffer to go get someone to help.
  2. The Social Security system is a Ponzi scheme. Do you realize that that is a bad thing? Also are you aware that the Social Security system is filled with IOUs from the government borrowing on what was there so it doesn't really matter how many people are contributing to it now, it's still broke? You can have one of your staffers have someone help them read all about it here.
  3. Finally can you please provide data to support your claim that Social Security would be so much better off?
See the Democrats have the environment, the Republicans have abortion. They are the core issues that get voters to vote for candidates based on 1 issue. You could march Pol Pot out as a candidate for either party and if he promised to support the 1 issue one holds near and dear he'd get a percentage of the votes guaranteed. One could disagree with 99 out of 100 other issues but as long as he supported the environment/banned abortion, he'd get votes.

Rick Santorum is doing exactly what our criminal kleptocracy wants him to do. He's harping on emotional issues that are important but have little importance in the scheme of a successful government. Worse he's somehow blaming Roe v. Wade for our budget problems. That's incredibly absurd. I arrogantly maintain spending more than what is brought in for the budget problems. But then I'm more of a numbers guy, not a feelings guy like the Rickster.


Anonymous said...

Overheard at the store:

Woman: "Abortion is wrong--that's why I can't stand Democrats."

Man: "You must prefer the Republican version of abortion, where we let 'em grow up and send 'em off to the Middle East."

wcv said...


Well, now we've got the Great Uniter. He loves both kinds of abortion.

Dean said...

As a pro-life Republican, what Santorum said is patently ridiculous. By his logic, it should be a wash in the long-run, right? All those abortions will just mean that is that many less people the Ponzi scheme will have to pay out to in the future. .

Re: the Democrat/environment - Republican/abortion nexus. Not quite. Both through legislation and bureaucratic fiat, environmental rules and regs encroach upon our freedoms much more comprehensively than abortion which is still pretty much an unfettered "right".

Negocios Loucos said...

Dean, I certainly wasn't suggesting that the Democrat politicians care about the environment or the Republicans care about ending abortion. That's really more to my point.

They only care to provide the impression of caring and that wins them votes.

I often mention that the worst thing that could happen to the Republican party, which I despise as well as the Dems, is to make abortion illegal. Again as long as the candidates are against abortion, "conservative" Republicans will vote for them. Make it illegal and then the candidates have to stand for something else and there's no easier layup than hating abortion. Imagine if they had to be evaluated using their economic or management qualifications. The horror!

And that's why abortion will never be illegal because the Republicans desperately need it to get voted into office.

Dean said...

NL, I hear what your saying with respect to the "red meat" aspect of the environment and abortion and the bogeyman aspect of both. However... because of the legislative prominence and relevance to the overall energy debate that the "environment" has, it is simply a much bigger and much more influential issue than abortion.

Think cap and trade, EPA (vs. Congressionally-mandated) regualtions and the picking of winners and losers aspects of Obama handing out green subsidies to his buddies not to mention droughting-out farmers here in California because of bait fish... all these issues tower over and have much more influence than abortion.

By the way: defund Planned Parenthood. If budget cuts are going to be across the board, why should they be spared? The Republicans, were they wise, should frame the defunding as a budgetary matter and not a values issue.

Hollywood can hold bake sales outside the Oscars and Emmys to salvage one of their favorite pet causes.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Jesus would be ashamed... pro-lifers believe life should be protected but this guy makes it seem like all we care about is pumping out more taxpayers and poor so we can milk the ones who make some money and validate handouts to the ones who don't.

I mean we all know that's how the system works but Jesus M Christ, did he have to say that out loud?

Has anyone done the math on the carbon footprint of all these aborted fetuses? Think about it. Sorry, don't think about it like a reasonable person, pretend you are this jackass.

Great post, NL.

Negocios Loucos said...

Dean, totally agree on the many layers of theft available from the environmental angle compared to the abortion issue. My point is more about the 1 issue phenomenon. Hand gun laws, abortion, the environment, women's suffrage (which I've always strongly opposed!), etc. No one focuses on what it takes to make a government successful. They just focus on their little pet project and the result, see Bill Gross via WC.

On the carbon credits issue, how about the richest Indian in the world making 1 BILLION because of his allotment of carbon credits? What a sham.

JDA, no higher praise exists. Thanks for stopping!

Negocios Loucos said...

..stopping by, that was meant to be.

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