That's how we roll

Interesting how the U.S. picks its fights. Saddam was a defiant dictator who posed no real threat, and we sank our country to oust him. Gadhafi is a puppet dictator who is actively slaughtering his own citizens, and we sit on our thumbs.
Britain announced that it would send fighter jets and France was making plans to deploy planes, but the U.S. had yet to announce what its role would be. NATO also held an emergency meeting.

That's what happens when you blow your cred in Iraq--you can't fight when you should.

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wcv said...

Mama, put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore

I'm tired of Team America: World Police. We've played world policeman for 50 years while Euro-weenies sat on their asses and bitched at us.

F them. It's their turn.

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