"To walk the road of peace, sometimes we have to be ready to climb the mountain of conflict"
As we open a 3rd front in the Middle East I wonder, do Democrats like war when our Nobel Peace Prize winning president is waging it? What would the reaction be if GW had been the one to attack?

Now my personal opinion on this is that we're broke, we have no money to open a 3rd front, nor to maintain fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. To consider otherwise is childish.

But I understand the administration's need for distraction. We knew that war was likely, that war was needed so that the American population wouldn't pay attention to the criminal theft and destruction of the United States as a democracy. War bailed us out of the first Great Depression and our ruling class is hoping it will work a second time around.

This is all a farce. We prop up evil dictatorships and then when our money printing causes the people to literally starve in those countries, we attack. How absurd and hypocritical the United States has become. And the lack of respect for human life is galling. But as long as Goldman, JP Morgan and Citi can now pay taxpayer financed dividends, its all good.


Charlie McDanger said...

We bash him for not attacking; then we bash him for attacking.

What's a 'Bama to do.

Negocios Loucos said...

That's the great thing about WC Varones, we offer a wide range of opinions, right Charles?

W.C. Varones said...

Au contraire, Charlie.

I cheered his aloofness and incompetence when it appeared they might keep us out of another war.

ProfoundSkeptic said...

I thought the dems supported getting into both Afganistan as well as Iraq - guess WC Varones includes both opinions as well as fiction.

wcv said...

Opinion, sure, but fiction is left to the commenters.

House Dems voted more than 60% against the Iraq War. Senate Dems somewhat more narrowly supported it.

But I don't think NL was referring to the Congressional vote, as Obama hasn't bothered to ask Congress about going to war with Libya.

I think he's talking about the rhetoric of the MSM and Democrat media pundits, who were overwhelmingly against the war at least once the polls turned against it.

Negocios Loucos said...

Sorry PS, I was referring to the Democratic Party voting masses that used to protest war until Obama was elected. I was referring to those party members that feel a need to be vocal when the party they are not members of does something that at their core they don't like, while when it's their party, they are silent.

I'm referring to all those Democrats who were appalled by GW unconstitutionally engaging our military. I agreed with them by the way.

I was not referring to members of Congress or the Executive. Sorry for the confusion, but very clever admonishment, well done.

wcv said...

Fiction FAIL!

Dems voted against the Iraq War!

Obama conveniently didn't ask Congress's opinion before going to war with Libya.

ProfoundSkeptic said...

I was referring to those democrats who did vote for the war ;)

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

What happened to the plan to manufacture an alien invasion? That's a war we can afford as long as Spielberg isn't going to charge us an arm and a leg for a good show...

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