Mamas don't let your babies work nightclubs in Vegas

The Light Group is one of the most powerful names in Vegas entertainment, with A-list clubs at Bellagio, Aria, and other MGM properties. So what's it like for a girl to work there?
Several former employees are now behind a former cocktail waitress who says The Light Group encourages its workers to take drugs, drink alcohol, and perform sexual favors.
The lawsuit alleges The Light Group grooms underage women to work at its nightclubs. Managers allegedly furnish workers with cocaine and train the girls to be sexually provocative. Marquis says it’s all done to please big spenders.

Well sure it's unusual, but they could just leave if they don't like it, right?

If you're a girl making $1,000+ a night, are you going to say no to your bosses when the alternative is a $10-an-hour job somewhere else?

Incidentally, I knew a girl at The Bank who didn't play along with the sexual pressures two or three years ago. Guess who suddenly started getting written up for minor slip-ups and eventually got fired?

It's a dirty world, friends, and you're living in it. Don't support these sh*tty businesses.


Negocios Loucos said...

Those girls bar tending at The Bank are absolutely stunning. I mean they look Maxim magazine girls that I thought were just products of massive Photoshop. I can imagine that there is opportunity to earn more than just pop caps on $8 bottles of Bud Light.

wcv said...

I hope those girls are socking away some of that $1000-a-night in gold.

They ain't gonna look like that forever.

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