Internship Opportunities at the OMB

The White House is offering an internship program at the OMB for a well qualified graduate. The role will be titled Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget. The administration has put forward a candidate for this position and you can see her testifying in front of congress here:

Also she has taken some viewer emails regarding fantastic programs which can be seen here while she was doing another internship as the Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council:

I came across these videos at the excellent media blog dailybail.com. Their commentary about this candidate nails it:
This has nothing to do with politics; Republicans and Democrats are equal budgetary failures as decades of evidence demonstrates. But wrong is wrong. And this nomination is an embarrassment. The most crucial time in our nation's budget history and Obama nominates a political hack with no budget experience sporting a degree from the University of Rochester and a Masters in public policy from George Washington. She worked for John Kerry for 8 years before joining Obama's campaign. She began her career as an advocate for public schools.
I can only add my disappointment that she didn't more often respond using the word 'like'.


Sic Ibid said...

Why is our potential Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget talking about Asians in the library while she's testifying to the Senate?


Sic Ibid said...

She looks and acts like someone Fox News would put in front of the teleprompter. Or any "cable news" network, since they all started trying to copy Fox's on-air "look".

Maybe now we know where this woman's been hiding for the last few years:


Ashley Banfield, welcome back to the spotlight.

Dean said...

/mushroom cloud

Contrary in Texas said...

She's got a strange face. Almost mannish.

wcv said...

That's not the half of it.

She's hung like a horse.

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