Problem solving, America style

What do you do for security when you have a remote Alaskan town that launches one airline flight a day during the summer?

Well duh, you fly four TSA screeners out there every day to grope people.
Because the tiny landlocked city of Gustavus, Alaska has a seasonal airport that is open only during the summer months and services only one Alaska Airlines flight per day, TSA has awarded a $40,000 contract to a small Juneau-based airline to fly four TSA security screeners from Juneau to Gustavus and back again, each day for 77 consecutive days.

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Anonymous said...

This is why those printing presses have to crank out the Bernanke Fun Bucks... those screeners aren't gonna want to pat down Alaskan Eskimo junk for free ya' know? Stimulatin' on a lot o' different levels...stimulatin'.... Think of it as our modern day answer to the Civilian Conservation Corps... only WITHOUT building all the cool parks and shit.

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