2 out of 3 French people agree: France sucks!

You have to give them high marks for self-awareness:

French morale was at a record low less than two weeks ahead of the French prime minister's deadline to restore confidence in the population in his first 100 days in office, according to a survey on Saturday.

Less than a third of French people polled were optimistic about their and their children's future, a drop of 28 percentage points since the last poll in December 2004 and the lowest since the first Ifop survey for newspaper Dimanche Ouest-France in February 1995.

...the poll showed that only 25 percent surveyed had confidence in the government's battle to lower unemployment, which has stayed at over 10 percent.

From Anklebitingpundits:
In other findings, 81% reported showering less than once a week. 76% reported leaving elderly relatives to die in non-air conditioned apartments while they vacationed during the month of August. 84% thought it was acceptable to accept generous welfare benefits they didn't earn.Perhaps the least shocking result was that 98% of the respondents attempted to surrender to the pollster before questioning began and volunteered to work in armament factories for their new masters.

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