Jamie Gorelick

Jamie Gorelick, an Al Gore aide and recurring figure in the Clinton administration, is at the center of the recent Able Danger controversy. Not only was she instrumental in establishing the "wall" that prevented military intelligence from telling the FBI that Mohammed Atta was already in the US and plotting to kill us, but she was also on the 9/11 Commission that seems to have covered up these inconvenient details.

I have seen Gorelick's name in print for years, and always assumed it was pronounced "GORE-lick," which was appropriate, given that her boss was Al Gore (though it must have driven ultra-prude Tipper Gore nuts). Today, though, with her name in the news, I heard it pronounced "guh-REH-lick." Then another newsreader pronounced it "GORE-uh-lick." How is it pronounced? If she's responsible for the failure to catch Mohammed Atta before 9/11, we might want to know how to pronounce her name.

P.S. She was also vice-chairman of the thoroughly corrupt retirement cash cow for ex-politicians, Fannie Mae.

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