The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

This story is leaving me so conflicted!

Greenpeace complained Thursday to the Federal Communications Commission about MSNBC talk show host Tucker Carlson's praise for a [French] fatal attack 20 years ago on the environmental group's flagship.
Generally, I am pro-Greenpeace, anti-France, and moderately anti-Tucker. So I should be squarely supportive of Greenpeace's complaint.

However, I'm very pro-First Amendment and anti-FCC. So I'm leaning against Greenpeace on this issue. That and...
FCC indecency standards apply only to broadcast television, not cable and satellite networks such as MSNBC. Those standards also are intended to apply mainly to obscenities and profane speech.
So not only is Greenpeace complaining to the FCC about speech that the FCC can't, doesn't, and shouldn't regulate, they are complaining about this speech on a network the FCC can't, doesn't, and shouldn't regulate.

As much as I like Greenpeace's bold environmental actions, I can't align myself with such utter stupidity. Advantage: Carlson.

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