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I didn't mean to make this a single-issue blog. It's just that this amnesty thing is the dumbest thing Bush has done in a long time... and so many Senators want to go along with it.

This is way dumber than Harriet Miers for Supreme Court. The sensible wing of the Republican Party saved Bush from himself on that one. Let's hope they can do it again.

Anyway, there are plenty of other things that still suck enough to merit attention. Terrorists suck. The deficit sucks. The FCC sucks. Howard Dean sucks. France sucks. The New York Times sucks. Ruth Baader-Meinhof sucks. Bonds (as investments) suck. Bonds (the walking steroid) sucks. The U.N. sucks.

So enough (for a while, I hope) about how badly Bush's amnesty plan sucks.

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