Dianne Feinstein: mass amnesty not massive enough

Feinstein: not just amnesty for people who have broken the law for two or five years, amnesty for everyone who's been breaking the law for at least four months!

But check out this nugget, deep within the story, that explains why this amnesty is a fraud doomed to fail like the last amnesty:

"I'm not at all confident that our Senate bill is really workable," [Senator Sam] Brownback said even as he defended legalization. "This five year-two year distinction -- you're going to create (millions) of people trying to determine (whether they) were ... here two years or five years. And that's a lot of adjudications."

Many immigration analysts agree, pointing to arbitrary cutoff dates as a major failure in the last major immigration overhaul approved by Congress, in 1986.

Requirements to prove the duration of one's stay in the United States -- through pay stubs, rent receipts and the like -- "is almost an invitation to fraud," said Deborah Meyers, a senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank.

"People who have been here under two years have every incentive to prove they've been here longer," Meyers said. "People who have been here four years have every incentive to prove they've been here five years. Politically it might make sense, but you need to consider the workability of these proposals."

Well, duh! If an illegal alien is sophisticated enough to get past Bush's "high-tech" border, patrolled by sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads, do you really think he won't be able to get a few of his buddies to vouch for him, saying he's been working here for years? Illegal aliens posessing fake documents?!? Sacre bleu!!!

How on earth do you think we're going to be able to prove who's been here 5 years and who hasn't? And how will Dianne Feinstein prove who's been here four months?

Any amnesty is an open invitation for millions more illegal aliens to come pouring across the still-unsecured border and claim they have been here for whatever arbitrary amount of time the jackasses in Washington require.

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