Tonight's immigration speech

So Bush will propose sending troops to the border in order to look tough on illegal immigration, while maintaining his proposal of amnesty for all illegal aliens currently in America.

He'll also try to look tough by talking about cracking down on the employers of illegal aliens, but what's the point of that if he legalizes all illegal aliens? If everyone is suddenly made legal, employers won't be able to violate the law even if they want to.

A sensible guest worker program would require illegal aliens to leave the country, then apply for admission. That way, the scofflaws don't have an advantage over the people who have been diligently going through the nightmare of immigration paperwork and waiting for years. Bush won't propose this. His plan will be that lawbreakers get first priority: anyone here illegally can stay, while those who have been following the rules and applying to get in can keep waiting for a phone call.

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