John McCain: your friendly neighborhood fascist pig

Investors Business Daily tells it like it is:

Late last month, McCain responded to the issue of whether the legislation that bears his name abridged our freedom of speech by saying, in essence, that he didn't mind if it did. McCain said he'd "rather have a clean government than one where, quote, First Amendment rights are being respected that has become corrupt."

Imagine that: putting quotation marks around "First Amendment rights." That First Amendment is such a nuisance. Exactly which part of "Congress shall make no law. . . abridging freedom of speech" does the senator not understand?

To silence political opposition is not reform; it is incumbent protection. In any other context, it would be called censorship. In any other country, it would be called repression.

Screw McCain. I hope the new and improved Supreme Court shoves his un-Constitional, un-American, fascist legislation right where it belongs.

Thanks to Tex for the link.

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