Helicopter Ben slips a rotor

Steve Colbert wasn't the only joker that bombed at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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Repack Rider said...

Bombed? Were you watching what I was watching?

Colbert made Bush his biotch with a capital BEE-EYE-OH-BABY!

The dead silence from the room as Colbert played to his real audience, the rest of America, was a riot!

Anyone who didn't think it was funny is part of the JOKE! If it wasn't funny, what were the strange sounds so much like laughter coming from me and my friends as we rolled around on the floor in enjoyment?

Despite a media blackout, the video has already set new records as the most downloaded video in just two days, and some 15,000 blogs have commented, with the positive comments outnumbering negatives by about 100-1. Go ahead, if you have the guts, and use the google blog search with the terms "colbert, bush" and see what you find.

I think you are way out of touch with the mainstream of American thought.

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