The subtle racism of a dim-witted President

In his speech to win amnesty for illegal aliens, President Bush used Mexican-born U.S. Marine Guadalupe Denogean as a poster boy:

On a visit to Bethesda Naval Hospital, Laura and I met a wounded Marine named Guadalupe Denogean. Master Gunnery Sergeant Denogean came to the United States from Mexico when he was a boy. He spent his summers picking crops with his family, and then he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps as soon as he was able. During the liberation of Iraq, Master Gunnery Sergeant Denogean was seriously injured. When asked if he had any requests, he made two a promotion for the corporal who helped rescue him and the chance to become an American citizen. And when this brave Marine raised his right hand, and swore an oath to become a citizen of the country he had defended for more than 26 years, I was honored to stand at his side.

We will always be proud to welcome people like Guadalupe Denogean as fellow Americans. Our new immigrants are just what they have always been people willing to risk everything for the dream of freedom.

The problem? There's nothing about Denogean being an illegal alien! If he's not an illegal alien, what's the point? Using someone who worked hard and played by the rules as an example to demand amnesty for lawbreakers is asinine!

Bush's thinking goes something like this:

1) Guadalupe Denogean is brown
2) Illegal aliens are brown
3) Guadalupe Denogean is good...

Therefore, illegal aliens are good!

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