47% of Americans are far too stupid to be allowed to vote

These idiots shouldn't even be allowed outside without a helmet.

47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance on Radio, TV

Forget the First Amendment. 47% of the people think the government should decide what the two acceptable views are on every issue, and then mandate that those two views are espoused equally on the airwaves, to the exclusion of all other viewpoints.

It's bad enough that the horrible McCain and Obama are the only two viable Presidential options. The return of the "Fairness Doctrine" would ensure that only McCainish and Obamaish viewpoints are aired on every issue.

And if we applied the "Fairness Doctrine" to NPR, it would have to be half Rush Limbaugh.

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I talk a lot about inflation. But today was the first time in my life I actually used a dollar bill as toilet paper.