Prudish librarian + police incompetence = hilarity ensues

Old Zeke has pulled off this exact prank before, but never to such thunderous effect.
The librarian said she had sent William an e-mail and received a very sassy reply, according to the Times:

"I want your sweet body against my skin."

It was clear to William, as it would have been clear to anyone with a technologically inept mother, what had happened: The librarian had sent her e-mail to the wrong address, and the person with that address, one Ben Hallowell, had decided to play a rather hilarious joke by sending a long and filthy e-mail to the librarian.

Well, the joke is hilarious to us. It wasn't so hilarious to William, who was interrogated for 30 hours by cops who insisted he was a libarian-lovin perv and is now suing the city.

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