Constitution: It Was Nice Knowing Ya

The more we blindly follow our leaders, the more they chip away at the foundation our country. I'm sure this action, reported in the article linked below, was perfectly acceptable to all of the kool aid drinkers in Denver.

"Freedom of speech, as long as you don't say too much."

UPDATE: Hotel Managing Director Marcel Pitton responds to a Varones inquiry regarding allegations that a signed complaint from the hotel triggered the police thuggery.
Dear Mr. Varones,

Further to your e-mail please let me clarify what actually occurred in front of our hotel.

The ABC news cameras were intruding on the entrance of the hotel, creating an unsafe entrance/exit for our guests, which are our priority at all times. The Denver Police Department asked them to move to the side several times so that our guests could enter/exit, and ABC refused. ABC was clearly told that they could stand on the sidewalk but it is illegal to block an entrance to any business, which is what they were doing. After not complying with the police requests, they were then asked to move to the other side of the street. It is our understanding that ABC continued to speak belligerently to the police and was arrested for not complying with police orders. The arrest resulted from issues between the police and ABC, not The Brown Palace Hotel.

Marcel Pitton
Managing Director

Whether these two or three non-obese journalists with a camera "blocked the entrance" to a large hotel and threatened the safety of guests is left to the judgment of you, the readers, and, we hope, the courts.

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