Scam artist upset about end of scam

One of the few bright spots in the housing bailout bill was the end of "down-payment assistance."

"Down-payment assistance" was a scam wherein the homebuilder inflated the home price, then sold it to someone who didn't have a down payment. The homebuilder funneled cash for a fake down payment to the buyer via a non-profit group. These loans were obviously toxic, as there is no incentive for someone with no skin in the game to keep making payments on a depreciating house.

You can imagine what happened next. The banks and Fannie and Freddie that were stuck with the fake down payment loans lost a lot of money, and will require massive taxpayer bailouts.

Given the disaster they've caused, it's true chutzpah that D.R. Horton CEO Don Tomnitz is whining about the end of down-payment assistance.

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I talk a lot about inflation. But today was the first time in my life I actually used a dollar bill as toilet paper.