Che for Strength

After mass consuming the recent financial books, and entering a pit of despair, I went fiction for a while. I finally got tired of that, although for a really fun series I can't recommend The Girl... enough. It's a great thriller/crime/spy read.

So I’ve gone a totally different direction. I’m reading Che.

I’m about a quarter of the way in and it’s fascinating. It’s the context of his youth that can logically reason why he ended up the way he was. I’m not defending it but it’s interesting to listen to this author's portrayal of the economic developments in South America during that time.

And it really is incredible how powerful and wealthy the USA was. It makes it all the more depressing that we’ve taken that world power status and destroyed it. I’m just not sure people can conceptualize how powerful we used to be. I mean sure with armies, tanks and missiles and all, but as an economic engine there has never been anything like it in history.

I'll provide a full critique of the book and my thoughts on Che when I'm done.

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