Happy birthday to Jr. Deputy Accountant

Our favorite Fed-basher turns 2.

Can it really be only two years? JDA is such an internet institution that it feels like it's been around forever.

I majored in economics and worked for years in the investment business, but I never understood how the Dirty Fed worked until I read Jr. Deputy Accountant.

Let me repeat what I wrote what seems like years ago:
If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention... and if you're not paying attention, you're not reading Jr. Deputy Accountant.

Did you ever see the movie 8mm? As I recall, it was about a snuff film that was so gruesome that anyone who watched it would be psychologically scarred for life. Or Apocalypse Now, where Colonel Kurtz was driven mad by the horrors of war he'd seen? Well, that's what the Federal Reserve is like. Few try to understand it, and those that do generally come back babbling insanely. But Jr. Deputy Accountant has gone into the Heart of Darkness, discovered the terrifying truth, and yet come back sane as ever, lucidly explaining the horrors she's seen.

Keep Jr. Deputy Accountant at the top of your blogroll not just to keep up with Fed news, but for to-the-point, razor-tongued commentary on the halfwit children playing with nukes at the Federal Reserve.

Happy Birthday, JDA! And you can take the girl out Frisco, but you can't take Frisco out of the girl!

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