Boehner warns Republicans to stay away from K Street whores

The Hill:
Some women on K Street, who say they are already at a disadvantage to their male counterparts, are upset about the reports of Boehner’s edict and say it represents yet another obstacle. There are just 17 Republican women in the House compared to 56 Democrats, while the Senate has just four Republican women compared to 13 Democrats.

“What year are we in again? Is this 1960?” asked one female Republican lobbyist. “There’s no problem with congressmen drinking at the Capital Grille [Restaurant] with their male lobbyist-friends, which happens every night of the week. But somehow if they do it with a woman, it doesn’t look good. That’s just an outdated attitude and one reason we don’t have more women in top Republican leadership jobs.”

You're whores. You're all whores. The men too. You'd all be dripping like Heidi DeJong Barsuglia if it meant getting your bill passed for your filthy corrupt employer.

This kinda blows the whole Don Draper thing, though, Boehner.


the darkcloud said...

Solid post, WC. Especially the all-inclusive whores reference. (Took me a bit to figure out who you were referring to as "whores". Still, I could be wrong.)

Pretty sad state of affairs.

zeke said...

Easy man, you're giving whores a bad name.

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