Parker sucks, Spitzer swallows

CNN, the last-place cable network, is still trying to find a replacement for its once-successful Crossfire program. The latest incarnation is "Parker Spitzer," pitting Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer against Kathleen "Who?" Parker.

We've actually encountered Parker's drivel before. She's one of those dimwitted phony conservatives that the liberal media put forward as a conservative in order to make conservatives appear dimwitted and phony. We wrote about Parker back in 2005, where she took a bold and controversial stance by opposing child molestation. And see how Ace of Spades has a field day mocking her paranoid, anti-blogging rant.

Well, what happens when an idiot and a pervert fall in a forest with no one around to hear? Epic fail, naturally.
That not only left CNN far behind its main rivals — Bill O’Reilly on Fox had 3.1 million on Fox News and Keith Olbermann had 1.1 million on MSNBC – but it also trailed Nancy Grace on the HLN channel, who had 468,000 viewers.

Even worse for the new CNN program, it lost viewers from the show on just ahead of it, “John King USA,” which had 471,000 viewers. Perhaps more troubling for CNN, “Parker Spitzer” was down sharply from the show it replaced, “Rick’s List,” hosted by Rick Sanchez, who was recently ousted from CNN. And it even fell short of the show that had long occupied the 8 p.m. slot on CNN, with Campbell Brown.

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