Varones Voters' Guide to the 2010 California Candidates

Your reform / libertarian / common sense / Tea Party guide to the candidates.

Guide to the propositions is here.

Governor: Dale Ogden (Libertarian). Obviously, this is a protest vote, as he isn't going to win. But the two main party candidates are both awful. Jerry Brown unionized the public employees during his last run as governor. Meg Whitman is a progressive, having supported extreme liberal Barbara Boxer in the past. She flip-flopped on illegal immigration, pretending to be for enforcement in the primary and then running soft on enforcement ads in Spanish. She refuses to support the Prop 23 jobs initiative. Clearly, Meg Whitman would be another Schwarzenegger as governor. Sometimes, the best message to send to the Republicans is, "Screw you. We want a better choice next time."

Lt. Governor: Gavin Newsom (Dem). Yes, he screwed his best friend's wife. And yes, he has his own body count, having protected an illegal alien gang member who went on to murder a family in cold blood. But his opponent, Abel Maldonado, is a liar who signed a "No new taxes" pledge and then provided the crucial last vote for the biggest tax increase in California history. In exchange for this treachery, Schwarzenegger gave him an appointment to the Lt. Governor's job. Throw the bum out! UPDATE: Or write in Karen England!

U.S. Senator: Carly Fiorina (Rep).
I'm no fan of Fiorina. Everybody who worked for her at Hewlett-Packard hates her, and she's a McCainite RINO. But picking up another vote in the Senate to slow down the Obama agenda is just too important this year.

Secretary of State: Damon Dunn (Rep). Young, energetic, African-American, Tea Partier. Opponent Debra Bowen is an old career Sacramento politician.

Controller: Andy Favor (Libertarian)
or Tony Strickland (Rep). Incumbent is Democrat John Chiang, who's fought Schwarzenegger's attempts to furlough and cut pay for government workers by claiming his payroll systems are too screwed up and outdated to change anything. UPDATE: Tony Strickland is a real fiscal conservative running as a Republican. I didn't have the information on him originally, I think because he was left off a Secretary of State candidate statement list because he refused to accept voluntary spending limits missed a deadline. UPDATE2: Andy Favor is good too. Check out his platform in the comments.

Treasurer: Mimi Walters (Rep).
Endorsed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Incumbent is career Sacramento politician Bill Locker (Dem).

Attorney General: Steve Cooley (Rep).
Will investigate and prosecute pension scandals and Hien Tran / Mary Nichols CARB fraud. Opponent is Kamala Harris, who lets crime run wild as DA of San Francisco.

Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones (Dem).
Opponent is Mike Villines (Rep), liar who signed a "No new taxes" pledge and then provided the crucial last vote for the biggest tax increase in California history (like Abel Maldonado above). Throw the bum out!


Huntington Hartford said...

what do you think about the marijuana prop?

Huntington Hartford said...

nevermind... missed the prop link

W.C. Varones said...

Actually some tea partiers like So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition are against it because it sets up a bureaucracy.

Now that Schwarzenegger has decriminalized marijuana anyway, that argument is even more persuasive.

Ang said...

Newsom? Can't do it. I wouldn't trust him to watch my cats. And altho Maldonado may be "the better of two evils", I live in San Bruno and he showed up. Maybe I missed it, but haven't seen Newsom speak one iota about this explosion.

W.C. Varones said...

Yeah, Newsom sucks, but I think we have to send Republicans a message: if you lie to us and raise taxes instead of cutting spending, we'll never vote for you for anything again.

Please consider writing in Karen England or voting Libertarian.

Shane Atwell said...

Going to have a hard time not voting for Whitman for gov. She's aweful, but if Brown wins we might be watching the destruction of CA in a couple years. Although might not be different with Whitman. How about Brown and hope for a recall?

Shane Atwell said...

BTW I got your flyer stuck in my door today, the one on the city council candidates. Very cool!

Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the analysis. I agree with most of your picks, but am a bit mire enthusiastic about Meg Whitman than I was. I think she is handling the Maid-Gate situation will, and shows she can act with grace under pressure. Her take down, and direct accusation of Brown's involvement in this matter, during last night's debate was refreshing. In part, I will be voting for her to protect Californians from further thuggish behavior from Brown and his union minions.

Anonymous said...

Yes, write in Karen England for Lt. Governor! She is the only conservative running! Abel is unelectable after all of the liberal votes he has cast and the way he sides with the the liberal agenda! We need someone in there who will stand for what is right and conservative no matter who is in charge!

If you agree with this write in Karen England for Lt. Governor!

Go to her website to find out more:

Also, from here you can donate, sign up to volunteer, and find Karen England on facebook!

Karen England for Lt. Governor in 2010!!!

Andy Favor said...

W.C., I appreciate that I was listed. But I am curious as why I got scratched for controller.

I think my Health Savings Account proposal is the best solution for our health care cris bar none.

I have been advocating defined contribution plans for the past six years in my attempts at the State Assembly.

On education, what is better than Milton Freidman's educational choice plan?

On Social Security I will just quote my friend Jose Pinera who privatized it in Chile, "Andy, Social Security is almost 40% of the budget. What is more important than fixing that unsustainable program. Afghanistan, Iraq, neither are as important as fixing Social Security"

And lastly, we need to make California more business friendly.

Please visit my website at: www.AndyFavor.net

Very truly yours,

Andy Favor

W.C. Varones said...


Thanks for stopping by! Best of luck. You've got a good platform.

I'm sometimes pragmatic and if the major parties nominate somebody with real fiscal conservative credentials, I'll usually support them.



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