Ethics Committee and Charlie Rangel hoodwink public

One of the country's long-time rulers has been found guilty of multiple corruption counts, and he's going to face a punishment so drastic that it hasn't been imposed on anyone in thirty years, the dreaded censure.

Wait until you hear the barbarous details: Charlie Rangel is going to get... a stern lecture. That's right, he's going to have to stand on the House floor and listen to the reading of a resolution.

As Hans Blix threatened Kim Jong-Il:
"Or else we will be very, very angry with you, and we will write you a letter telling you how angry we are."

And Charlie Rangel pretends to be traumatized by receiving a lecture, and the gullible mainstream media play along. And the crook will keep his seat in Congress in his gerrymandered district where he can never lose.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so surprised? Men like yourselves have been covering up for one another for Centuries with your secret little rich man clubs. You keep the rest impoverished while you enjoy your boats and your slutty wife parasites who suck off of you your lifetimes for money.

It's called class warfare.

zeke said...

@ anon: Rich and corrupt are two different bags.

If you're angry because you're poor, look within.

W.C. Varones said...

More importantly (and tragically), rich and W.C. Varones are two different things.

Negocios Loucos said...

END WOMENS' SUFFERAGE!!! or is that suffering, I always forget...

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