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Shane Atwell analyzes a conservative campaign against Chris Christie. OK, so Christie's not the ghost of Milton Friedman but he's still better than any other potential candidates as far as I can tell. Atwell's been doing some of this in-depth blogging which stands in contrast to the snide one-liners that some bloggers call posts. See also his review of the Koran.

Proof positive: A tale of four tax cheats. Guess which one is going to prison.

Timmy the Tax Cheat warns Republicans against politicizing his monetizer. Politicize the Fed? That's like politicizing Rahm Emanuel. You mean to tell me when Zimbabwe Ben and Hank Paulson tag-teamed Nancy Pelosi, the Fed was independent and apolitical? Or when the Dirty Fed hired an ex-Enron lobbyist to schmooze Congress it was apolitical? Or when the Dirty Fed monetizes the debt to facilitate Obama's trillion-dollar deficits it is apolitical?

Progressives Against Math: the Daily Kos urges a pledge to oppose any Social Security reform at all.

Some conservative Democrats have started to cave on Social Security. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia says “we have to” raise the retirement age (link). Peter Orzag, who is President Obama’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget, is urging progressives to support Social Security cuts (link).

With Republicans, Wall Street, and the corporate media already in favor of cutting Social Security, we have to gear up to stop any Democratic capitulation. That’s why, at Daily Kos, we're looking to deny these Democrats any grassroots support for their “compromises,” and identify a group of activists who are willing to take further steps fight back. You can help us by signing a pledge to yourself promising you will never support cutting or privatizing Social Security.

Click here to sign the pledge now.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

I've found a good new libertarian blog by Cato / Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron: Libertarianism from A to Z. He's also got a book by the same name.

Food stamps as federal bailout for California: to fix the state economy and budget, we need more people on food stamps!

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