Happy National Opt-Out Day!

Tomorrow is National Opt-Out Day. If you're flying, refuse the nudie scans and politely say, "I'll take the handjob, please." I'll be opting out more fully but less publicly by not flying.

A lot has been written about the intrusive and offensive TSA scans and gropes the past few weeks. Some of the best has been from our San Diego Local Order of Bloggers.

Please consider:

Shane Atwell: I will refuse The Sexual Assault. "I will refuse because they have no right to scan or touch me."

Beers with Demo: Though the establishment media and politicians are telling us to shut up and bend over, Right now, we're doing exactly what Americans should be doing.

The Liberator Today suggests we should voice our contempt by Protesting the TSA in song and verse.

As a safety professional, Temple of Mut thinks the TSA bureaucrats could use a little common sense in RISK ASSESSMENT: Sensible Security Matrix that the TSA Can Use.

And Left Coast Rebel has been all over this story, and was the first local blogger to speak up, after I had been personally violated by the TSA but before I got the chance to post about it. And his co-blogger RightKlik been on top of the corrupt Administration and Congress taking money from the nudie-scan makers.

I'd encourage you to e-mail your airlines' customer service lines telling them you won't fly as long as this keeps up. And the travel industry (which has the clout to lobby for change) is actively soliciting feedback here.


B-Daddy said...

Nice round up and thanks for the link. I don't want to encourage illegal behavior in our protests, so thanks for links that point to peaceful and legal protest.

Dean said...

W.C., thanks for the link.

Being exceptional, being ungovernable and being American. This is freaking awesome.

Charlie McDanger said...

Congratulations, you've all just been labeled "domestic extremists" by your government. Happy blogging.


Negocios Loucos said...

Speaking/writing your mind is a criminal act to some. Discussion and difference of opinions are dangerous to this administration and should be quashed at all cost. The Constitution was a recommendation anyway.....

Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the link, W.C. Did you catch that China and Russia are now ditching the dollar? I hope you plan to post about this, as I would love to read your thoughts.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

TLP and I have decided not to fly for my birthday in a few weeks and will be sticking around DC instead. Too bad, those Virgin flights are a good $600 a pop, I'm sure the economy could REALLY use the cash.

We like to be in control of our own groping tyvm.

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