Morning in America

It's a beautiful November summer day in San Diego.

Across America, the people have taken their country back. Sure, we're sad about the Harry Reid and apparent Lisa Mikulski wins, but overall the night was a huge success.

In California, it was a union-Democrat sweep, including Prop 25 which imposes one-party rule on California's budgets. Democrats own the state 100% now. I think that will work out for them about as well as Obama-Reid-Pelosi owning the U.S. government.

The bright spots in California were the redistricting propositions and the landslide defeats of tax-hiking weasels Abel Maldonado and Mike Villines. If they run for anything in the future, we will haunt their campaigns.

I spent the night at the Tea Party victory celebration and Golden Hall's Election Central downtown with my buddy Left Coast Rebel. He has the write-up and pics.


SarahB said...

Great seeing you guys last night...the heckling made my night!

ProfoundSkeptic said...

Seems to me that if the Tea Party hadn't pushed for extreem candidates thereby pushing the Republicans to the far right they would have generally done better and certainly have taken the Senate. Tom Campbell would have been a better candidate against Boxer and the Tea Party candidates in NV and Deleware were, let's be honest, insane.

We now have a House under far right control - what will that mean? Responsible, budget balancing ideas? ...or a collection of fruitless investigations fueled by the house's supina power and a possible impeachment. Real leadership? They aren't capable. Look for the House back in dem hands in two years as Obama is celebrating his reelection.

W.C. Varones said...


I would rather have 5 Rand Paul / Pat Toomey / Marco Rubio types than 99 Lisa Murkowskis.

It's not about nominal party control. It's about electing individuals who respect the Constitution.

W.C. Varones said...

Or, more appropriately, 5 of those guys over 99 Charlie Crists and Mike Castles. If it were not for the tea party, those weasels would be in the Senate. Thank goodness they are not!

And as for fiscal responsibility vs. investigating corruption, why can't we have both? I met Congressmen Issa last night, and I am really looking forward to his chairmanship of the Government Oversight Committee.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I don't care what your girl Christine thinks about it, Issa makes me want to lock myself in my room for some Me Time. AND he knows how to use Twitter.

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