Zimbabwe Ben comes to Trader Joe's

If you want to avoid customers getting sticker shock, you can always shrink the item size rather than raising the sticker price. This 19% reduction in weight is equivalent to a 23% price increase.

As the intellectual heavyweight team of Robert Reich and Sarah Palin note, QE2 is designed to crush the working and middle classes with food and energy inflation while making the rich richer by increasing the value of their (often leveraged) assets.

Are your wages increasing as fast as grocery prices are?


SarahB said...

So it's not my imagination?

Sic Ibid said...

I believe I've mentioned this on WC before, but we are seeing a lot of "hidden inflation", as I call it. Packaging is the big one. I am noticing the packaging changes in many of the food items I commonly buy, and they are shrinking (or the package's size remains the same but less product is included inside the packaging), but the prices do not change, or change little, or even go up! Less food for the same $ = hidden inflation.

This is true for pet food, microwave meals, chips, oatmeal, you name it. Go take a careful look at your grocery store. Find old receipts and compare prices. Find old packages you never threw away, or haven't used up in the last year, and compare them to the ones at the store today. I've even noticed that name-brand dishwashing soap is significantly diluted these days, compared to 1 year ago, as are other fluid cleaning products. This is not your typical "weight up, price up" operation, whereby companies increase the product AND the price, and then later decrease the product but KEEP the new price. This is "give them less product for the same (or more) money because the dollar is losing value and we can't keep making money unless we do this".

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