Is that 2 or 3 copies per MSNBC viewer?

The Olbermann Media Empire:
Like other opinion commentators, Mr. Olbermann is a media business beyond his TV job. He recently authored a new book, "Pitchforks and Torches: The Worst of the Worst, from Beck, Bill, and Bush to Palin and Other Posturing Republicans," published Oct. 26 by John Wiley & Sons Inc.

The book has sold 2,000 hardcover copies, according to according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks approximately 75% of general retail book sales in the U.S. It ranked 1,781 on Amazon.com Inc.'s best-seller list late Friday, but it was No. 2 on the politics list.

Two thousand copies? This guy has nightly free media and he can only sell two thousand copies? Bill O'Reilly sells over a million. Some dead economist got mentioned on Glenn Beck's show months ago and he's still 1643 ranks ahead of Olbermann on Amazon.

Maybe lefties just don't like books.

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Dean said...


How much of a boor do you have to be where even liberals don't like the guy?

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