Government Motors sponsors film celebrating Chinese Communist Party

I will never buy another Government Motors car. Not that I would have anyway, but this is insult to injury. My tax money went to bail out the unions and rip off the bondholders, and now it's going to support communist Chinese propaganda.


Sic Ibid said...

This is so disturbing. Just ask yourself why major American companies would even risk the potential public relations backlash they might get from funding a movie the celebrates the Communist Party. What are they trying to accomplish?

America was fully geared towards defeating Communism for over 50 years. What does GM have to gain by funding this movie?

And as for ABC (the network) also providing funding for it, it's now known that Soros has ties to ABC and 30 news organizations. Famous reporters and prominent editors even serve on Soros's Boards, in blatant violation of standard journalistic ethics that demand avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Will ABC News, fresh off of sponsoring a movie that celebrates the Communist Party, provide fair and objective coverage of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, in which a candidate (Obama) who is so far to the Left that he could smell Communism's vodka-laden breath is running?

Do you think this would have been a major news story at some point earlier in our lives? GM funding a movie that celebrates Communism? I certainly think so! Ask yourself; what has changed?

There is an intense effort underway to "normalize" socialism/communism in the average person's mind here in the U.S. Just as that is happening, there is an equally intense effort to install policies that are consistent with Socialism/Communism. Both efforts are being driven by well-funded and powerful interests. And the entity that would normally be assumed to be trying to stop those efforts, the GOP, has been partly coopted by the very same interests. Plus, it has shown an inonsistent-at-best ability to counter the radical socialist-leaning political moves and the deceptively positive public image our current Socialists in charge in D.C. are being given by the media. There is no cohesive counter to this madness. In the absence of a solid opponent, Socialism will mercilessly trample its way to permanence. We could eventually have two Socialist parties, not just one. The GOP might ultimately join the modern day Democrat Party at the far-left end of the political spectrum, and we might be voting for "Socialism A" or "Socialism B" for the rest of our lives.

Remember that old saying "As GM goes, so goes the nation"? Ugh!

Dean said...

WC, thanks for the link.

SI, well said. I'm going to be featuring a video later where Nick Gillespie (w/out his leather jacket 0: ) asks Kevin Williamson (NRO) what's the continuing attraction of socialism. Williamson: "I think it's a form of perpetual adolescence."

Given the irrationality of teenagers, how else do you explain it?

After getting off to a rocky start, capitalism got its sea legs, finished strong and wound up winning the 20th century going away. Hayak vs. Central Planning and Hayak won.

SarahB said...

I second that! I don't care how shitty Toyota is getting, at least their dwindling quality is just sloppy capitalism,

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