More Education

This was advertised at the top of SFGate today:

Yeah, if career involves homelessness. The administrators of these schools doth have no shame.


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Fun fact: JDA is an art school dropout (graphic design/illustration).

I decided instead at 18 to pack up, leave the Midwest, move to Reno and sew my wild oats.

I received my Masters from the School of Hard Knocks with $0 debt just a few semesters later.

SarahB said...

I've actually had a VERY successful career as an illustrator, graphic artist and art director...working non-stop in my chosen field and making a good living at it...after I dropped out of college.

Memo to kids who want to make a living as an artist...take a few key courses at the local JC, intern, show up for work on time, answer your phone, & hit your deadlines...actual talent is secondary.

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