Greenspan's Body Count: Alfredo Pimienta, Georgina Pimienta, Priscilla Pimienta, and Emily Pimienta

Photo credit: Jr. Deputy Accountant

It's not just the speculators and homedebtors who are victims of Greenspan's easy money. Even those wise enough to sit out the bubble and rent can be caught in the economic devastation after the collapse.

Today's story comes from San Diego, where a man and wife killed their two daughters before killing themselves.
The couple was facing financial difficulties, [police Capt. Jim] Collins said, but he would not elaborate on what those were.


Prudencio De Los Reyes, a neighbor on the other side of the Pimientas, said he didn’t suspect anything was wrong with the family. But, he and his wife, Rosario, said they believed Alfredo Pimienta “looked worried,” last week, the way he paced up and down the street and didn’t engage in small talk like he usually did.

What a tragedy. The elder girl was about to graduate from San Diego's renowned charter school High Tech High and go on to study at Cal State Sonoma.

Alan Greenspan, this family's blood is on your hands.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 169.


Dean said...

JDA, to be fair, I'm not sure Greenspan had anything to do with this.

The news paper reporting has been rather strange on this.

This is a segment from a story in the paper earlier in the week.


"He was among 10 co-defendants in a 2002 lawsuit alleging a $5 million investment fraud, according to court records. The plaintiff won a $7 million judgment after the trial in 2005, but it wasn’t clear if Pimienta had to pay any part of it."

And then in today's paper (the article to which you link) there is no mention of it.


But, yes... Greenspan still sucks.

SarahB said...

This story is so heartbreaking...and just plain weird. Both parents in on it, and drowning?

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