Greenspan's Body Count: Anthony Chambers, Brittany Quinn, and Jason Eisenberg

Today's episode of Greenspan's Body Count occurred at 5245 Venus Drive in the town of Green Valley between the hellholes of Vallejo and Vacaville in northern California.

Jason Eisenberg, a 37-year old producer of local TV commercials, had bought a foreclosure with his girlfriend Brittany Quinn back in 2008. Aspiring to be young real estate moguls, they also had another house in nearby Sacramento county. Well, they took out some home equity, the housing values kept dropping, and you know the rest of the story. So Saturday Jason went on a killing spree, killing not only himself and Quinn, but also their roommate Anthony Chambers.

Court records show that Quinn sued Eisenberg last Wednesday for equity in their house and to be the sole owner of another home in Sacramento County. The year before, Eisenberg sent what Quinn believed to be a notarized document transferring the title of a home in Sacramento to her. However, Eisenberg then removed Quinn from the $158,400 home equity line of credit. Quinn is still listed on the mortgage loan for $47,999.

Eisenberg also opened a restraining order case against Quinn last November.

The next month, police said Quinn obtained a civil court order allowing her to move back into the residence. However, since that time, they continued to disagree about their property, assets and living arrangements, authorities said.

I guess they should have rented.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 165.


Anonymous said...

No, the shooting was a result of the common law wife hooking up with a crazy sociopath and falsely accusing her ex of abusing her (not that that is an excuse for shooting anybody course). Put 'Andrew Blake con artist' into Google and you'll see what I mean.

Maven said...

That was just plain vicious and uncalled-for. There IS NO excuse for shooting anybody, period end of sentence. And attempt to claim otherwise, for ANY reason, is blaming or, worse, smearing the victim.

I notice you were too cowardly to leave even an alias.

Jeanine said...

It was called for, Maven. "Andy Blake," the con artist in question, has pulled this same stunt before. "Andy" was using the name "Jordan Wood" the first time. "Jordan" and a woman names Abbey Stone robbed and blackmailed Abbey's ex husband--even ended up living in the jointly-owned house. "Jordan" confessed to this, in writing (it's part of "Jordan's" arrest record at the Marion County, Oregon, sheriff's office. You can read it yourself if you don't believe me).

The main difference between the Oregon scam and the California scam is that Jason E. cracked under the pressure of being extorted.

"Andy" has done this before and will do it again--how many people will end up dead next time?

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