Ron Paul opens rift between neocons and fiscons

Our friend Left Coast Rebel has a piece in American Thinker about Ron Paul's provocative anti-war positions. I'm mostly with Ron Paul, though I don't trust the Pakis and I don't mind the occasional Seal team raid or drone strike (and I ♥ waterboarding!).

Click on over and read the whole thing.


ggeorgewashington said...

If I may, please;

America I beg of You. Look into Ron Paul's issues. This guys is as genuine as they come. Mr. Ron Paul is the American system working, literally handing us the "right guy."
He puts his nation/Constitution first before himself as his 22 year track record indicates.

Please, Mr. Ron Paul for Republican Nomination and then President 2012.

Thank You

Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks for the link!

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