Is This President Barack Obama or Leslie Nielsen? Naked Gun 4? President Lt. Frank Drebin?

Has the ghost of the beloved late, great Leslie Nielsen taken over the body of President Obama, and begun solo rehearsals for the long-awaited Naked Gun 4? Or does Obama just not do well whenever he has encounters with Heads of State?

Before you watch this clip, let' ask ourselves how Frank Drebin (played by Leslie Nielsen) would've handled this formal meeting of Heads of State. Lt. Drebin would likely have first spoken elegant words of praise for his host nation in that dry, serious tone Leslie Nielsen so perfectly used. Then he would have ignored the start of the official playing of the British National Anthem as his formal and obvious cue to finally stop talking. He would have awkwardly kept talking over the National Anthem, and he would have asked everyone to raise their glasses and join him in a toast, the timing of which is counter to the etiquette that everyone else in the room understands and expects. Then he would have turned to the Queen herself with his raised glass, expecting her to raise her glass to his and join him in his toast. Having had his toast silently ignored by everyone in the room, including the Queen who is standing just two feet away from him, he would have probably grabbed the mic and yelled "There's the crook! Get him!" and run out of the room. And only at that exact point would Lt. Frank Drebin's approach to this formal gathering have differed from President Obama's.

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