Hard Times and a Guitar Virtuoso

One of the world's greatest living guitarists, Brad Paisely, has just released a beautiful song that (among other things) nicely characterizes an average citizen's perspective on this economic horror show we are living through. It's called "A Man Don't Have To Die" [to go to hell], written by gifted songwriters Rivers Rutherford, George Teren, and Josh Thompson. Sometimes songwriters and artists get it right, and capture the essence of something that's affecting millions of people.

An excerpt:

He yelled out from the back row, look here Preacher Man
We all know you're new here, but you need to understand
It don't really scare us when you yell and shake your fists
See, we already know that hell exists.

It's 6 months short of 30 years when the boss man lays you off
No thanking you, no parachute, no shiny new gold watch
It's payments that you can't make on a house that you can't sell
See, a man don't have to die to go to hell.
No, you don't have to die to go to hell.

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