Greenspan's Body Count: Christopher Moyer, Irina Moyer, Dillon Moyer

Alan Greenspan struck this weekend in Warrington, Pennsylvania:
After killing his family, Christopher Moyer, 44, a computer consultant who worked from home, drove his Toyota Camry to Hatboro, put his head on the SEPTA track at the Meadow Avenue crossing, and waited to die.


There was no history of domestic violence between Moyer and his wife, but they had had financial difficulties. According to court records, the state filed a $2,228.20 lien against the couple's house in September 2010. They had avoided foreclosure in 2006 and paid off a federal lien filed that year as well.

The Moyers got carried away in Greenspan's bubble and paid $451,470 in 2003 for a 4-bedroom tract home they couldn't afford.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 173.

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