Police state update

TSA makes 95-year-old woman dying of leukemia remove her diaper.

If you're not actively resisting and opposing the TSA, you're part of the problem.


Negocios Loucos said...

Man this is disgusting. I don't consider the TSA American. They are scum, maggot, sub humans. And they certainly are the antithesis of American.

We're heading down dangerous waters. It's a bad thing to compare situations to the worst in human example but I just wonder what the population of German's reaction was in the thirties as their police started becoming brutal and dangerous? Are we headed that direction right? If not then why? Have bombs really been found in adult diapers?

The TSA is fascism.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

When has the made up Al-Qaeda organization EVER used a 95 year old grandmother as a suicide bomber?

This is so gross.

And yes, NL, we're better than "headed" in that direction, we're there, my friend.

Anonymous said...

could tell them "wanna examine my diaper? no problem, hold on for just a few minutes for me sonny..." then proceed to take a big shit in it. tell 'em to let you know if they find any undigested, whole kernels of corn.

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